We offer comprehensive global connectivity for multinational organizations ranging from Global Internet Access, SD-WAN, and comprehensive managed services for hardware, software, and remote support. We also provide customized solutions targeted to specific needs and budget.

Case study


In dire need of networking expertise for the IT assembly line for deployment, support and maintenance, our client found it ineffective to rely on different network providers to cater support to numerous sites everywhere in the country. Our client needed to simplify and eliminate the hassle of numerous billings, contracts, and inconsistent timelines.


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Upon examining our client's networking infrastructure, IX Telecom plotted a plan to streamline massive deployment across 300+ sites and minimise business impact. They sought to manage the costs of their business, as well as avoiding glitches or downtimes on their network installments.

Over an effective 90-day period from signing to complete deployment, all of their sites throughout the country are fully equipped with comprehensive, state-of-the-art deployment of network devices, complete with on-site support and hardware replacement. IX Telecom included senior networking engineers for remote support whenever needed, including break/fix troubleshooting.

Over an effective 90-day period, all their sites are fully equipped with comprehensive, state-of-the-art network devices - complete with onsite support and hardware replacement.


The massive deployment of network devices across 300+ sites were completed uniformly on time and on budget, proving our solution to be cost-effective compared to relying on multiple providers at a time. With their timely revamp of network devices in a singular timeline, our client was also able to save manpower and resources on their part, allowing them to channel it into focusing on the core of their business and delivering great service to their customers.

With accelerated site delivery, their new network installments are quickly up and running with IX Telecom managing portions of their network, allowing their engineers to focus on larger strategic objectives.

Our vast experience in the airlines industry

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